BSAC Courses


Want to learn to scuba dive? You’re in the right place. Thousands of underwater explorers and adventurers started right here with BSAC.

Welcome to the wonderful world of scuba diving, where amazing adventures are just around the corner and you can experience the world like you never had before.

Your chosen BSAC Training Centre will teach you to become a safe, confident and self-reliant diver in around five days. Or, if you choose to train with a BSAC club, you will learn over a period of weeks or months. By the end of your scuba lessons, you will have unlocked the door to a new underwater world and countless new adventures.

Learning with a BSAC Training Centre gives you the best of both worlds. You can train in as little as three days and afterwards you have the option of going diving with either a local BSAC club or stay with the centre for more training or just diving.

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